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Hayuya Coffee 14.oz

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Cafe Hayuya Coffee the freshness of the mountain. Our dedication from Jayuya, Puerto Rico, harvested in our  mountains, causes us to feel very proud  body and aroma.

Average rating:
average rating 99%
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Absolutely Delicious 06/14/2020
By Michael Cintron
This coffee is just what you mean when you mention ‘abuela’s coffee.’ It strikes the perfect balance between a robust wakeup coffee and a smooth, delicious coffee you sip to unwind. The ground is a very fine ground so making it the traditional way will yield the best results. That means over the stove, coffee “sock” and all so that all the grounds are fully immersed, giving up their delicate fragrance as the brew creates a chocolaty dark foam. You can tell when the coffee starts waking up by the aroma. Then it’s time for it to wake you up with delight. Absolutely delicious.
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