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Alto Grande Coffee Capsules Lungo Espresso 3.5oz 18 Cap

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Alto Grande Capsules Lungo ideal with milk with Support Compatible with Nespresso Machine 100% Puerto Rico Arabicca18 capsules for nespresso original liner machine. Alto Grande - Nespresso Compatible Capsules 100% Coffee from Puerto Rico Super Premium Coffee. The Coffee of Popes and Kings now in a new and revolutionary brewing system Harvested, Roasted and Packed 100% in Puerto Rico
Average rating:
average rating 98%
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average rating 100%
World's best coffee 12/20/2020
By David Gleason
Many years ago I was introduced to Alto Grande by an associate who was born in Lares, Puerto Rico. He was proud of his municipality's product, and I expected more pride and, perhaps, less flavor... but I was wrong. It is, simply, superior in flavor, texture and aroma.

No matter how many premium coffees I try, I come back to Alto Grande. And the capsules are a great way to get great café conveniently. For those who know Puerto Rican history, Alto Grande is coffee's "Grito de Lares" because it can free you from bad and inferior blends!
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