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Alto Grande Coffee Capsules Espresso 3.5oz 18 cap

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average rating 98%
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Alto Grande Capsules con Support Compatible with Nespresso Machine 100% Puerto Rico Arabicca18 capsules for nespresso original liner machine. Alto Grande - Nespresso Compatible Capsules 100% Coffee from Puerto Rico Super Premium Coffee. The Coffee of Popes and Kings now in a new and revolutionary brewing system Harvested, Roasted and Packed 100% in Puerto Rico
Average rating:
average rating 98%
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average rating 100%
Alto Grande 03/20/2016
Alto Grande is the finest coffee I've tasted.
I've traveled Europe, North America, Central America, Hawaii,
The Carribbean, We have a second home in Italy (and love Italian coffee and the Italian passion for coffee). I love coffee, I have been fortunate to drink good coffee in many wonderful places around the world, but, none (including Kona and Blue Jamacian) are as good as Alto Grande, IMO.
Try it and you will be hooked, too. I have it sent from Puerto Rico to the US. Now that it is available in nesspesso capsules, I think I'm in heaven.
Alto Grande is great.
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