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Yaucono Selecto Limited Editon Gourmet Bean Coffee 6 Lbs

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Price: $79.00


3 bag of 2 LB each one. Bean Coffee. The shipping for this coffee is 12.35

This Inspiring piece of art titled "El Yunque" created by renowned artist Jorge Zeno, stands for the greatness of our Island, our grand coffee heritage, our respect of nature and our gratitude for this earth, which honors us by giving life to the finest coffee grains in the world.


Average rating:
average rating 99%
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Yaucono Selecto 11/29/2013
By Michael Ruddy
I have over the past year been trying different coffee beans from your selections and YAUCONO SELECTO has so far been the winner for freshness and taste. It is the coffee that for me best represents the coffee that I brought home to use in my expensive Italian coffee maker during the many years I lived in Puerto Rico. Now I use a Delonghi inexpensive coffee maker so the final cup must emerge victorious from this unsophisticated process with good body and repeatable good taste. Yaucono Selecto is my brand and I am now working my way through a 5 pound order. Delivery was very fast which is important with coffee beans. Thanks for your excellent service over the last year.
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