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Yaucono Espresso Coffee bag 14.oz

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Yaucono Espresso Ground coffee is over 100 years in the making. It strong aroma medium roast. It's exquisite flavor enlivens and cheers you up.
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Fabolous coffee, excellent service! 12/08/2013
By Maria Ponce de Leon

Yaucono, has been the favorite coffee in Puerto Rico for nearly two hundred years. And for good reasons, as this is the most fragrant, never bitter, dark, rich and creamy coffee on earth. So, being a Puerto Rican woman residing in Louisiana, each morning I engage in my café con leche ritual--that way I am magically transported to the verdant island of my childhood!

I buy Yaucono coffee from Puerto Rico Coffee Shop because they have the best service and lowest shipping costs. Plus their coffee prices are the lowest on the Internet. And I buy the sturdy aluminum-lined bags, which keep their contents fresh, then place the opened Yaucono in a ziplock bag to retain freshness.

I love shopping at Puerto Rico Coffee Shop and highly recommend it. In particular I love talking with Maribel on the phone, as she is always so sweet and helpful. Plus, a "Que Pasa In Puerto Rico" magazine is always enclosed with my orders.

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year from Maria in Louisiana!
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