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Yaucono Coffee Can 10oz

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Yaucono Can Ground coffee is over 100 years in the making. It strong aroma medium roast. It's exquisite flavor enlivens and cheers you up.
Average rating:
average rating 99%
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average rating 100%
Absolutely delicious! 12/17/2013
By Joan Mercado
Wonderful coffee! The only thing is that it is ground very fine, and is perfect for a drip coffeemaker. However, for those of us who prefer perked coffee, or French press, it would be nice if the company would offer a variety of grinds, instead of having to order the whole beans and grind it oneself. (Especially since the video associated with the product features a coffeehouse, and coffeehouses grind beans for the customers). It is, unquestionably, the world's best coffee- I just wish it came ready for my percolator!
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