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Yaucono Coffee Whole Bean - 2 Lb

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Price: $25.00
Enjoy it in whole bean for added freshness. It's permanent public preference is owed to its better grains,perfect roast and a very careful elaboration. Its darker roast is preffered on the island. Packaged in the traditional paper bags used on the island.
Average rating:
average rating 99%
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Love this! 06/29/2016
By Tara Riding
I started drinking Yaucono a coupe years ago when my boyfriend gave me a bag of ground coffee his parents brought back from PR. I was hooked! We went the island on vacation in Feburary of this year and at the airport we picked up a 2 lb bag of beans because we had a French press we wanted to try it in. That was the best money I've ever spent at the airport. We recently just ran out and I googled where to get more and this site came up along with Amazon. I'd rather support the island and purchase straight from the source than a large corporation. I love the taste with or without creamer! This is definitely worth spending the money on!!
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