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Rico Instant Decaff Coffee 3.6 oz.

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Price: $9.50
Café Rico instant Decaf was founded in the early 1900’s, and although much time has passed the mission for Café Rico been the same. Café Rico was the leading coffee company during the first part of the century.
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average rating 99%
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Ms. 07/17/2013
By Gloria Cuevas
Thank you so much I am already enjoying my coffee and love it. It's a little more expensive than I paid on my first and second order to Coffee Roasters. I paid 5.00 per jar. You sell it for 6.99. They went up to 5.50 last time I check but appear to have computer issues. So I tried placing my order thru you and I am pleased. I love the slight sweetness in the taste. It boost up my energy in the morning. Thank you again.
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