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Nature Chickpea Puerto Rican Coffee Substitute Caffeine Free 16oz

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GREAT FOR BREAKFAST: Our customers have used Cafe Mami not only as their breakfast coffee of choice, but also as a base to elevate their cooking experience. CAFFEINE FREE, ALL THE FLAVOR, NO PRESERVATIVES: Back to Nature does not taste like coffee. It has a bold roasted chickpeas flavor. VACUUM-SEALED PACKAGING: The (Brick) guarantees freshness, flavor and taste for much longer. RICH FLAVORED CAFFEINE FREE COFFEE SUBSTITUTE: Back to Nature substitute is rich in flavor from custom-roasted chickpeas. These simple, natural ingredient is all we need to produce our signature, full-bodied, smooth flavor. HEALTHY NATURAL INSTANT COFFEE SUBSTITUTE: Ideal for those with dietary or health restrictions, our coffee alternatives caffeine free combine skillfully roasted chickpeas so you can enjoy it all day long. MADE IN PUERTO RICAN: Back to Nature is made 100% in Puerto Rico. Our company also imports chickpeas from around the world.


No reviews for this product.
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