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El Coqui Supreme bag 10oz

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El Coqui Supreme Cafe 100% Puertorrican grains best coffee producing regions, which have been chosen according to the exact specifications of the bean. The roasting of the coffee maximum flavor and quality.
Average rating:
average rating 99%
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My Great Discovery 08/01/2016
I was recently in Puerto Rico to attend a wedding. I was sharing a villa at one of the resorts. We needed some basic provisions, so we went to one of the markets and there I selected, by chance, your El Coqui Supremo coffee. I like coffee with good flavor and taste. El Coqui Supreme has the boldness that I like and enjoy. I made a large pot of coffee, and my housemates and I thoroughly enjoyed each cup that we drank for the next three days of the trip. I wanted to buy more of this coffee in San Juan before my return trip to the States, but time and opportunity did not permit. Fortunately, upon my return, I discovered El Coqui on the internet and immediately ordered three bags of your delicious coffee which were shipped and delivered to my home promptly. I will be sending one bag to my parents for them to experience, and.., I'm certain, to enjoy. I sure that I will be a returning customer for El Coqui Supreme coffee. Again.., great flavor and taste. Thoroughly enjoyable.
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