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De Mi Tierra Coffee bag 8.8.oz

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average rating 94%
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De Mi Tierra Coffee. It strong aroma medium roast. It's exquisite flavor enlivens and cheers you up.
Average rating:
average rating 94%
22 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Excellent, very smooth coffee 05/19/2014
By Cameron Murphy
I was introduced to this coffee by a customer from Puerto Rico, and am very impressed. I'm not terribly knowledgeable about coffee, having just started drinking it recently, but this is by far my favorite of 5-6 different brands / beans I have tried, including El Coqui, also from Puerto Rico. My wife on the other hand, was a barista at Starbucks for 5 years, and this is also her new favorite. This De Mi Tierra coffee is very smooth, with very little acid / bitter aftertaste. I have ordered ~ 40 bags over three different shipments in the last year, and the quality and service has been excellent each time.

Featured negative reviews:

average rating 20%
not our favorite, though Puerto Rico Coffee Shop is excellent 05/03/2015
By kurt
We ordered Mine Terra to try it. It smells great, but is very weak tasting. We ended up disposing of it, and will order other brands when our Yaucono and Alto Grande run low. The service provided by this company ensures we will order from again and again.
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