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Aroma del Cielo Coffee 8.6oz

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Heavenly Aroma)
“Aroma del Cielo” is our pure, premium, high - grown coffee, exclusively from the misty mountains of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. In addition to what we cultivate and harvest from Hacienda Monte Alto, we buy direct from a select group of growers here in Adjuntas, roast it ourselves, and it shows in the quality, taste and of course, the aroma!

High grown, single - origin coffee from Adjuntas,    Puerto Rico
100% Arabica Premium Grade Coffee
Processed with pure Mountain Spring Water
Dried at low Temperatures to preserve the aromatic oils and flavors
Free of Preservatives

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Excelente 03/08/2018
By martin krauth
Hello my good friends of Puerto Rico. Thank you for the best coffee and other food items that arrived promptly and with care. You all are the best! And my family really liked the Salchichas Carmelas! My next order will include much more so be sure to save some extra for me! The rice is very good too and of course my favorite coffees from nowhere else but Puerto Rico! I sure hope things are starting to get better for everyone after last years storm devastation. We have been keeping all in our prayers and best regards to all your families and for you. I sure miss visiting Puerto Rico and look forward to the day I can visiting with you all again. I’d be sure to look up my good friends at the Puerto Rico Coffee Shop to say Hola! in person.
If you have any other especial items you think I should try on my next order please let me know. Mucho Gracias!
Martin Krauth
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