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Alto Grande Ground Dark Roast Arabica Coffee Single Serve Pods, 72 (Kcup)

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Count, Compatible with Keurig K Cup Brewers DEEP IN THE MOUNTAINS OF LARES, PUERTO RICO, USA During the second half of the 19th Century, coffee from Puerto Rico was the favorite of the Vatican and the Royal Courts of Europe. But, "The Coffee of the Popes and Kings" almost disappeared from the world's markets when the Island of Puerto Rico was hit by several devastating hurricanes. Yet, ALTO GRANDE, a Coffee Hacienda deep in the central mountain range of Puerto Rico, continued without interruption, a commitment to grow a unique kind of coffee. Coffee from Latitude 19 North, where nature provides the ideal conditions to grow the world's best coffee; the same fine quality Arabica variety that gained fame in Europe among the connoisseurs of Paris, Madrid, London, Hamburg and Rome. We invite you to rediscover the glorious past of,ALTO GRANDE SUPER PREMIUM COFFEE

No reviews for this product.
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