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Aroma del Cielo Coffee 8.6oz

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Aroma del Cielo Coffee 8.6oz
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Heavenly Aroma)
“Aroma del Cielo” is our pure, premium, high - grown coffee, exclusively from the misty mountains of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. In addition to what we cultivate and harvest from Hacienda Monte Alto, we buy direct from a select group of growers here in Adjuntas, roast it ourselves, and it shows in the quality, taste and of course, the aroma!

High grown, single - origin coffee from Adjuntas,    Puerto Rico
100% Arabica Premium Grade Coffee
Processed with pure Mountain Spring Water
Dried at low Temperatures to preserve the aromatic oils and flavors
Free of Preservatives

Aroma del Cielo Coffee 8.6oz
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Aroma del Cielo Coffee 8.6oz
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Que mas perfecto! This company lets you take Puerto Rico back home with you. No better coffee in the world,speedy, wonderful service too. The U.S. companies should take lessons from them! Thank you for being the best! Sincerely, Olivia M.
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